Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hotel Fleuris in Puerto Princesa

One of my assignments when my sister sent me on a trip to Puerto Princesa last year, was to conduct ocular inspection for their group who will be doing medical mission for 10 days after 9 months. Among the top 3 hotels in the Puerto Princesa, Hotel Fleuris is the nearest from  the city center with the least expensive room rates.

Here's the facade of Hotel Fleuris, with their coffee shop and a japanese restaurant flanking the hotel's entrance.

The swimming pool on the left side of hotel's entrance, which makes it easier for anyone to see the hotel guests in the pool.

The "piano lounge bar" of the hotel on the second floor

De luxe room of the hotel

The suite room of the hotel

I find their rooms too cramped and the stairways quite narrow. Without a lift on the 4-storey hotel, some guests might find it hard to bring their luggages up in their rooms, although their staff seem very helpful as I've read on the  net reviews. Their sales manager also tried to help me get a good tour operator, even if my guests are not staying at their hotel.

Overall, I think its a nice hotel if you want to be close to the city center and if you want to save a few bucks against its 2 competitors.

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