Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BPI-Goldilocks Promo Oct.1 - Nov.30

Good news to all BPI credit card holders. After more than 2 months without food promo for their credit card holders, they are bringing it back with Goldilocks products under DTI promo code 6392.

Promo period covers purchases between 01 October up to 30 November 2010. Redemption is until 15 February 2011, EXCEPT the busy Christmas period of 16-31 Dec 16-31, hence the 15 day extension of redemption period.

For charge slip of at least Php 1,500

Get  (a) 1pc Veggie Lumpia and 1 pc Classic Polvoron or
        (b) 15 pcs Assorted Polvoron

For charge slip of at least Php 4,000

Get  (a) Lechon Paksiw with rice, 1 Veggie Lumpia, Pandan Greentea Pops, 1 Polvoron or
        (b) 1 box (18pcs) Assorted Polvoron

For charge slip of at least Php 8,000

Get  (a) 12 pcs All Veggie Lumpia Jr. and 6 pcs Cheesy Ensaymada or
        (b) Fruitty Mocha Chiffon Cake

Personally, I still like the all the previous promo offers of BPI with Goldilocks and other restaurants, because of better food choices. If I'm not mistaken, BPI made the first food promo with restaurants like Tokyo Tokyo many years ago, so this is quite a disappointment. With their recent hiatus on such promos, I thought they will come up with better food promo. Well, perhaps they really want to push their EPS cash payments for their ATM account holders with their current Jollibee promo.

I guess my BPI Petron card will have to stay at home, and I would rather use my Citibank Shell for P100 fuel/cinema discount, and HSBC credit card for P100 gift certificate for every P1500 or P2000 charge slip. That's competition working for the credit cardholders' advantage, hehe.

If you want to read my tips on using a credit card, click here

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  1. Agree, their latest offering is not that competitive compared to citibank.. But still better than nothing :)

  2. not bad though, i wish i had a citi card. ^^

  3. Looks like Citibank is the most aggressive credit card provider now. They are offering cash back card which will give 5% rebate on all grocery purchases, no annual fee and validity limit as long as the user spend at least Php 15k each month. Plus 5% rebate on Meralco and PLDT bills until 31 Dec. 2010 only.

    Currently, we spend at least Php 10k a month on groceries, so that's at least Php 6k annual savings if we have that Citi Cash Back card. I told my wife to get their new card offer.

  4. BPI and CITI are great, i enjoyed their offers at the same time :) I have BDO but sucks, i was charged for undispenced cash advance and the findings was successful transaction :(,,, Im no longer using it after that,,, I heard they have launch shop anywhere promo, if you swipe 2k you will be entitled 100 GC from BENCH, is it real?

  5. Sorry, I've no idea on BDO's current promos. I still have a BDO Amex card for 10 year now, but I stopped using it because its usually excluded on their promos of other BDO credit cards. :(

  6. ah? it is burden coz u r paying annual dues without using it :D better cut it than paying for annual fee and useless card :) im planning to downgrade it before anniversary to shopmore from gold, so minimal annual fee :) or might be close it :D

  7. Thanks for the concern. Well, the Amex card waives their annual fee, that's why I have kept it for many years now. I will cancel it if they would charge me annual fee.

  8. Hi! I have always been a BPI credit card holder. Of all their promos, I hated their Time Zone freebies the most. I think I called up their 89-100 thrice just to complain. I'm happy their food promo is back. Thanks, BPI! :) By the way, if you have been a BPI credit cardholder for at least 10 years, BPI can waive your annual fees and that of your first extension for life. Such a good deal, right?

  9. do you really need to be a bpi card holder for 10 years for your annual fee to be waived? i have my bpi edge for 3 years now and i haven't had paid them a single dime for membership... i guess you have to call them directly every year to request for your annual to be waived, that's what i've been doing... i hope the time zone promo be back.. hate the food... if you're gonna compute it base on food srp and minimum charge slip amount (ex. P50/P1500 times 100%) you'll only have a rebate of roughly 3%... unlike in time zone, im a family of 4, whenever we go to timezone to play we use my 1500 charge slip so we can play for an hour, and imagine that we can use one card simultaneously for one full hour... average time per game is 5 minutes, average amount per game is 8 pesos and we are four playing... there are 12, 5 minutes in 60 minutes, so 12 times 8 = P96 and we are four playing, 96 times 4 = P384.... 384/1500 times 100% = 25.6% this is our rebate.. imagine if we are a family of 10 ahehehe.. but its better though if they have both promo, i'd be glad to eat after playing non stop, libre na laro libre pa kain =)..... CITI and BPI are the best

  10. I have my BDO Mastercard for 5 years now and I have never experienced such great promos as BPI's. BDO had one this year with free pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. But it is not valid for take-out. You have to eat there and order more. Really sucks!

  11. meron din pongpromo dito


    tsaka dito. www.librengads.com

    NG (12 pcs All Veggie Lumpia Jr. and 6 pcs Cheesy Ensaymada) nagclaim ako January 5, 2011 sabi nila 45mins daw bago mabigay ung all veggie so kinuha ko muna ung 6 ensyamada so umuwi muna ko vito cruz lng nmn ako. after 1 hr. kinukuha ko na sbi nila wla na daw pla all veggie. sbi balik nnman ako bukas. Jan. 4 dapat cclaim ko to sabi nila wala na daw all veggie chiffon cake nlng dw.. sbi ko ayaw ko nun kya jan.5 ako bumalik.. tpos pag balik ko ssbhn nila wla pla.. so d ako pumayag sbi ko ndi tama un. tpos ayun pla meron sila ayaw lng nila bigay..

  13. i was disappointed with BPI-Goldilocks Promo. Every time you're going to claim, there's no available haaayyysss :(
    Currently i'm using standard chartered they have great deals. You're getting more than 5%. If you have P7,000 worth of charge slip, you can get P500 GC from Robinsons.