Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hooters Bar in Manila

I've been to Hooters Bar at SM Mall of Asia's bay area twice. The first time was out of curiosity, and second time was when my monthly drinking buddies chose to hang out in the baywalk area. The establishment is located at the right (or north) side along San Miguel by the Bay, quite a long walk from the mall.

The service bar's wall finish is made of G.I. sheet, while the perimeter wall and furnitures are made of light-colored wood similar to palo china, creating an ambience that encourages casual dining and drinking. There are LCD televisions showing sports channels, reprinted posters from previous era, and catchy one-liners scattered around the dining area. At the washroom, a local newspaper's sports section is posted on the wall for the guy to read while taking a leak, which is a nice touch.

The food menu is not complicated, mostly on fried dishes, sandwiches, and a few oysters. Local beers' regular price starts at around P60 per bottle, and they have extensive selection of imported beers. This is not the bar where I could get drunk for a stingy drinker like me, hehe. 

Happy hour is until 8:00 pm when local beers sell at less than half the price, if customers match it with buffalo chicken wings, which I find bland for the Filipino taste. I prefer their appetizer platter (P750) with chicken, pork, and shrimp which gives more value for your money. If you bring a kid with you on a weekend, they give a complimentary kid meal according to their tent card.

Service is just average, although the waitresses dress "less than average" somehow attracting the male crowd. However the 2 times I've been there, groups of diners usually include women,  sometimes a family with kids in tow. Inspite of the waitresses' outfit, the atmosphere inside the establishment is decent. The waitresses will happily pose for picture with their customers, as seem to be commonly requested.

One time, I saw the waitresses ask a customer to dance on top of a low table as it was his birthday. After the guest's surprised performance, the waitresses lined up and danced to the tune of Village People's YMCA. They do this on the area where they display souvenir shirts they sell starting at P400 each.

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