Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sights of Camiguin

Right after our sulit lunch at Lagoon Bistro, we proceeded to our tour of Camiguin. We went first to the Giant Clam Sanctuary, where as the name suggests is devoted to propagation of the giant clams. Entrance fee is only Php 20/person. Their water tanks show the different species of giant clams or "taklobo" in Filipino language.

The clam species are in various stages of growth and colors. We noticed that the baby clams can open or shut their mouth, as they react on lighting conditions. But as they mature, they somehow loose this ability. We were impressed by the knowledge of a young girl in the center, as she answered the visitors' queries about the clams' behavior, scientific name, etc.

They breed clams numbering more than a thousand on the sea fronting the clam center. Below is a photo of the nice beach at the clam center. I got envious of some tourists who are snorkeling near the beach, seeing the giant clams on their natural habitat. The center also has accommodations and a restaurant for tourists who want to stay in the area.

Next we entered the Guinsiliban grade school to see the remains of the Moro Watchtower at the back of an old school building. Unfortunately, only the base of the watchtower remains, as they were not able to preserve it unlike the watchtowers of Bohol.

Later in the afternoon after dipping at Camiguin's 2 pools, we proceeded to the Sunken Cemetery marked by a huge cross at the sea. This cemetery used to be on the land along with a vibrant community, but was sunk by a devastating eruption of Mt. Vulcan, hundreds of years ago. The sun is still high in the sky, casting its warm rays on the viewing area for visitors, making it very hard to get a decent photo of the sunken cemetery.

The huge cross can be reached with a paddle boat after paying Php 100/person. We just took some photos and stayed a few minutes, since we cannot stand the blinding sunlight.

There are lots of stores here selling food and souvenir items of Camiguin.

Next we just had a few photo ops session on the foot of the walkway to the old volcano and station of the cross.

Then we checked the site of the Old Church's Ruins, another victim of Mt. Vulcan's May 1871 eruption. Only the upper parts of the church walls were left as evidence. Despite the area's violent history, it seems so peaceful on this area, probably because of its cool and relaxing surroundings.

Here's a photo of the church's side entrance.

The base of its previous bell tower.

The remains of the previous neighboring convent. Behind the right side is a modern lighthouse, looking like a "watermark" on the photo.

A huge and probably centenarian tree beside the convent's walls.

Teddy Pabualan's multicab and his friendly driver who toured us around the nice island province. Teddy charged us Php 1,300 for the day tour, and Php 400 for the transfer from their cottage to Benoni port the following day. He can be contacted at (63) 939-2440521, or at his blog camiguintransport.blogspot.com.

The tricycles of Camiguin, similar to the trikes of Cagayan de Oro.

Next posts will be about our food and water resorts experience at Camiguin!

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  1. camiguin is really amazing,,,, with the pics you got im interested in visiting camiguin soon. thanks for the information and island tips

  2. hi sir,
    thanks po sa referrals =)


    teddy pabualan
    camiguin tour operator
    "providing excellent & reliable services"

  3. @ Anonymous, thanks for visiting the blog.

    @ Teddy, thanks also for the very good service, and ensuring that we get to see all the must-see places as planned. Next time I return to Camiguin, I hope you could refer a guide when climbing Mt. Hibok-Hibok, then traverse to Tuasan Falls. Snorkeling at Mantigue island should not be missed as well.

  4. hi sir noel, yes i can refer you a guide to mt. hibok hibok aswell, just ask me and ill pm his number to you. thanks a lot sir noel =). tc & godbless.

  5. hi to all. we are scheduled for a 3 day adventure there this coming july 13-14. arrival at cdo airport will be jul 13 @ 12:00pm. and we have many questions regarding travel time. hope you could enlighten us. below are some of our main concerns..

    *travel time from cdo airport to white water site
    *travel time from cdo airport to dahilayan
    *travel time from white water site to dahilayan
    *travel time from dahilayan to benoni port
    **estimated hours for white water course and dahilayan

    -do you have sun network?

  6. Hi, Lordan. I have never tried whitewater rafting nor have been to Dahilayan, so I cannot help you on your queries. Try looking for info at Pinoy Exchange.

  7. ouch. thank you for replying sir.

  8. During my visit last august me and my family stayed at Pabua's Cottages. We also did an island tour with them. During this tour we visited all of the sites mentioned here.
    For more info: www.pabuascottages.com