Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lety's Buko Pie of Los Banos, Laguna

For many outsiders of Los Banos, Laguna, they prefer the Orient buko pie, as evidenced by long queue of buyers outside their lone store in the area. But for locals of Los Banos, the more popular brand is Lety's buko pie, which I was able to try twice about a month ago.

Coming from Calauan, Laguna, we stopped beside a gasoline station a few meters after the store of Orient buko pie. This is where Lety's main branch is located, and good thing that we arrived before 5:00 pm when their stocks are about to be depleted.

The kids also like their buko pie. Comparing it with the Orient brand, Lety's buko pie has a sweeter taste and juicier texture. One proof of that is the moisture on the bottom of the box, which I never experienced with Orient buko pie. The risk with that too much moisture is that its easier to attract molds and bacteria, so ensure to put it on the refrigerator if it will be consumed the following day.

For diabetics, I would suggest the Orient brand. But for now, Lety's buko pie is on the top of my buko pie quality rating list below:

Lety's Buko Pie of Los Banos, Laguna
Orient Buko Pie of Los Banos, Laguna
Rowena's Buko Pie in Tagaytay, Cavite
D' vinia's Buko Pie in Pansol, Laguna 
Loumar's Buko Pie in Tagaytay, Cavite
Elvie's Buko Pie in Los Banos, Laguna
Colette's Buko Pie chain

Lety's buko pie also sells at Php 150 per box, same as Orient's buko pie.

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  1. I absolutely love Lety's Buko pies! Simply the best! I read your previous blog about Orient Original Buko pies as being number one in your list and I thought of asking you if you have tasted Lety's. Then I saw this blog - and I absolutely agree with your ranking. Lety's is number one for me too. Lety's buko pies are sweet (just right), moist, juicy, soft and tastes so good. I also love their pineapple-buko pie. I still have to try their other pie combinations (like the ube-buko pie - which is not always available).

    I just discovered your blog tonight, and I would like to thank you for sharing your travels and photos. I enjoyed reading your blogs and I am inspired to explore the places you have been to. I really like that you include the prices of everything. You provide a lot of helpful, useful and interesting information. Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks SJ for reading my posts.