Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chef Mau Restaurant in Liliw, Laguna

Two weeks ago, some nieces from Bulacan stayed at our place in Binan. To make their visit worthwhile, we decided to take them to a road trip in western Laguna. Our first stop was at Chef Mau's rustic restaurant in Liliw, to satisfy our lunch craving after 2 hours on the road.

The place is a house converted into a 2-storey restaurant, along the main road that leads to Magdalena town. I read somewhere that its owner is a dishwasher-turned-chef, who now runs Chefs Quarter chain of restaurants. The furnitures at the second floor are made of wood, while I saw some monobloc chairs at the ground floor. The decors are simple, supporting the native ambience of the place.

Menu cards are laminated and held by spiraling wire. For starters, we ordered a pako (fern) salad with sliced tomatoes and salted egg. Priced at Php 80, it proved to be a very good introduction of what's to come.

The sisig at Php 120 was wiped out immediately, while I was never able to taste the chicken cordon bleu, with same price. Their beef bulalo that sells for Php 250 was a hit, though ours has no "utak" or that soft fatty thing found inside a leg bone. The kids enjoyed the lumpia shanghai, while the adults like the tinapa roll, both at Php 65 each.

Their fried Thai tilapia is a nice twist of this ordinary fish, primarily due to the unique sauce that came with it. Same with the crispy yet boneless biya, where 8-10 pcs sells at Php 95. Their pancit lechon specialty is also very good, and a steal at Php 100 for the generous portion size. All the food were served in nice presentation as well, after almost 30 minutes since we gave our orders.

For a group of 11 delighted diners with total bill of Php 1,501, including the drinks and 10% service charge, its a real value-for-money. I would definitely go back to this place if I'm in the vicinity, despite the limited parking space along the road.

Next post will be my account of Liliw's beautiful church and footwear shops.

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