Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pasonanca Park & Jardin de Maria Lobregat

On the afternoon of our last day in Zamboanga City, we checked the Pasonanca Park and Jardin de Maria Lobregat, on the hilly northern portion of the main city. We flagged a tricycle from the hotel, which asked for Php 80 as fare to Pasonanca Park.

The area is covered by lots of acacia and other trees, which makes the temperature colder, aside from its high altitude. We went first to Camp Jose Atilano, a camping ground of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, and a temporary shelter by DSWD for street children. 

The area brought back memories of grade school days. There is a wide camping area, where the green tepees are located. Its just disappointing to see vandalism inside the tepees, left by previous visitors.

I asked my boys to pose beside the boy scout figure, where the 12 jewels or characters of scouting are located beside it.

We took a short break on a waiting shed with a store manned by a friendly old lady. Then we walked to the Jardin de Maria Lobregat, passing two resorts along the way, with swimming pools fed by natural spring water from the top of the mountain. Aside from numerous plants, the garden also houses a butterfly center, with minimal fee of P20 for adults, and P10 for kids.

The place which is named after a former mayor of the city, seems to be a favorite dating place of teenagers. Returning to the downtown, we just boarded a jeepney to drop us off to Mindpro mall, with fare of P10/head if I'm not mistaken.
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