Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

Have you ever wondered how dragon fruit is grown? Here are some photos taken from the cluster of dragon fruit plant, grown by my mother-in-law on her front yard.

The fruit comes from a fruit-bearing cactus species, known as pitaya in South America, its native source. Like most fruits, the dragon fruit start from a flower bud. See the upper right side portion of the photo below.

If there is no insect infestation and the weather cooperates, the fruit starts to take form with leafy skin.

When the skin of the fruit turns red, more plump, and the skin petals dry up, then its probably ripe for picking.

The dragon fruit above has a deep red flesh when opened, which is sweeter and juicier than the other variety with white flesh. I have yet to see the other variety with yellow skin. According to studies, the fruit is high in fiber and anti-cancer properties, yet low in calories. Its perfect for those who are on diet and treating cancer ailment.

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