Sunday, June 17, 2012

Binagol and Moron of Tacloban

Visitors in Tacloban should not miss their famous delicacies -- binagol and moron. I was lucky to chance upon these 2 Visayan delicacies in Aida's store along Zamora street, near the Jollibee restaurant. The shop owner said his goods come from Abucay daily, but came in late that morning, so they are still very warm. 

The binagol above is a sweetened gabi (taro) cooked with sugar, coconut and condensed milks in a coconut shell, then wrapped with banana leaves. Its a sugar overdose, so diabetics must watch their intake. Here's a closer look of an opened binagol, where the ingredient mixture have caramelized:

Next photo is a box of "moron", a delicacy from grounded glutinous rice, coconut milk, and chocolate or cocoa. The shop owner offered a free taste, and I was hooked. It has the right mix of ingredients where the chocolate is not overpowering, unlike another moron that my wife bought outside the airport. 

It is more juicy with almost melt-in-your-mouth texture, when freshly-cooked. I was not able to take a photo, as I don't want to hold my camphone with oily and sticky moron bits on my hand.

The binagol costs Php 100 for every 3 pcs, while the moron suman costs Php 80 per dozen from Aida's store above. These are great for pasalubong, packed in carton boxes for large quantities.

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