Friday, December 3, 2010

BPI - Jollibee Promo Dec. 2010 to Jan. 2011

After the not-so popular BPI-Goldilocks promo here that ended last month, BPI Credit Cards this time did not took a rest, with their BPI-Jollibee promo I received by SMS message the other day. Verifying with their 89-100 hotline, the promo period is from 01 December 2010 until 31 January 2011. Redemption period is until 31 March 2011. See the product entitlements below.


For every single charge BPI credit card receipt of:

P 2,000  -  1-pc of either Jollibee Chickenjoy or Chicken BBQ with rice

P 5,000  -  2 orders of 1-pc Jollibee Chickenjoy or Chicken BBQ with
                  rice and 2 regular yum burger

P 10,000 -  6-pc bucket of either Jollibee Chickenjoy or Chicken BBQ
                   and 6 regular yum burger

This is a much better promo than Goldilocks, but the minimum charge requirements are also higher, as their trend shows.

All logos and photos above are taken from their respective companies' websites.
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  1. thanks for posting so soon...first full information i got from the internet...

  2. very useful post...thanks!!!

  3. Thanks.
    'bookmarked your site. 30 days faster than info that comes from my BEC statement. am sure they're going to send me leaflet with my next statement --next month.
    Happy holidays.

  4. thanks for the info continue posting happy holiday

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. just saw your blog, thanks for the info, its a big help for us frugal people...hahahah

  7. Is this promo valid for purchases using BPI atm as debit card?

  8. If BPI ATM card is used for purchases thru Express Payment System (EPS), yes it does qualify for this promo.

  9. GOOD JOB! will await the next promo

  10. i was disappointed with BPI-Goldilocks Promo. Every time you're going to claim, there's no available haaayyysss :(
    Currently i'm using standard chartered they have great deals. You're getting more than 5%. If you have P7,000 worth of charge slip, you can get P500 GC from Robinsons.

  11. Wala pa ba for Feb? Sana wala ulit break. Sayang yung charges ko for the first week of Feb. Madami pa naman.

  12. Yes, ako rin, waiting for the next daughter will celebrate her birthday on the 13th doon ko sana siya treat with the use of this offer.. sana you can update us soonest..

  13. Meron nang bago starting on Feb. 8. Will post it in a few hours.

  14. hey there's a new promo now:

    started feb 8 2011 to may 7 2011

    the promo is with pizza hut, dairy queen and taco bell.

    i only got the details for pizza hut:
    P1500 - ceasar salad or personal pan pizza
    P5000 - regular line pan pizza
    P10000 - family stuffed crust or supreme line

  15. Hi,Is there any promo for the month of December 2011? I will be celebrating my birthday on the 16th of December I need to treat my office mate please update me. thank you.