Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Puerto Princesa 2 - City Tour

At almost 3:00 pm on our second day, we flagged this tricycle on picture  below near Legend Hotel to inquire about city tour. The driver quoted us P100/hour and we agreed. The trikes' design in Puerto are better I think, than what we see with the rest of Luzon, as it offers more protection against rain and more space on luggage.

We went first to the Iwahig Penal Colony, our farthest destination, and saw the prisoners lining up for roll call. They have a souvenir shop with some goods made by the prisoners, but the choices are not to my liking. Prices are a bit more expensive than in tiangge and Croc Farm, probably because portion of the sales go to the prisoners.

Next stop is the Crocodile Farm, which is along the way back to the city. We were just in time for the last batch of hourly guided tour. Crocodiles are in hundreds, in various sizes from just hatched to full grown crocodiles. They also have museum with skeleton of  biggest Philippine croc and a whale found in Palawan. At the back of the compound, they have a mini zoo of Palawan bearcat, mynah, and other birds endemic in the island province.

Butterfly Farm was already closed when we stopped there, and according to driver there’s not much to see in that place.

Our third stop is in Bakers Hill, and it was raining when we got there. We had our snacks first, before doing photo shoots with the eye catching statues. We bought about a dozen boxes of their famous hopia as pasalubong, before we left the place.

Last trike trip was to the Cathedral where we attended mass. Trike rental took less than 3.5 hours, but we gave the driver P400 for his flexibility and driving fast so that we could make it to guided tour in Crocodile Farm, and allow us to visit many places in such a short time.

After hearing mass, we visited the eerie Plaza Cuartel before taking a walk at the seaside park.  Not much to see there, just the entrance of an underground tunnel with some eyesore trash. Then, we rented a tricycle to and from Badjao Seaside restaurant for dinner. Their food is just slightly average but quite expensive due to the ambience.

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  1. nice blog... Palawan here i come :D ;)

  2. Hehe, enjoy Palawan. We'll revisit it next year as we availed the Php 88 promo airfare from Air Phils. Lol!

  3. ang saya saya dito sa pinas... ang daming sale :D