Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Orchid Flowers and Unusual Banana

One time in the mini garden of Mom-in-Law, I was curious to test the macro mode of my new underwater camera, so I took shots of her orchids which are in bloom.

I have no idea on their names. Do you know their common names?

They seem to be nice wallpaper material. Just post a comment with your email address if you want high resolution copy.

Final photo on the same location is an odd looking banana tree (called "thousand fingers?) with lots of small fruits. When fully ripened, you can eat the bananas after harvesting, with taste and texture that will remind you of a "saba" banana.

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  1. Hi, The white Cattleya orchid name is BLC Hawaii Wedding Song, the others are Dendrobium hybrids, Mokara and the banana is Pisang Seribu from Indonesia !