Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Day in Kiangan, Ifugao

Right after a short funhike of Mt. Kapugan, we did a walking tour of Kiangan’s tourist spots. From the mountain’s jump off point, we followed the cemented road that encircled the mountain, that leads to one of their nice waterfalls.

We saw mini-rice terraces along the way.

After about half an hour of waling, we arrived at the waiting shed with a signage that points to Utu Falls.

A cemented walkway along the ricefield drops to a slippery staircase to the waterfalls. Then we crossed a short hanging bridge.

A preview of the waterfalls’ upper part.

After negotiating the final steep and slippery staircase, the full splendor of Utu Falls was revealed to us.

We are the only people in the place that time. This is one advantage of going to less-touristy places, as we have the privacy and all the time to enjoy the place. The water from Mt. Kapugan is cold, has strong current, while the rocks are slippery.

Going back to the waiting shed means a long ascent back to the main road. We've had a short snack while resting, before we proceeded to Ambuwaya lake through the lush ricefields.

In about 20 minutes, we reached the peaceful lake. There are tilapia fishes grown there, but nothing was for sale that time, so we have to search our lunch food elsewhere.

We settled on a carinderia near our hostel, before we took a bath and afternoon nap. At Php 150/head per night, their rate is good enough. They have washing machine which we used to wash some of our clothes. If they have a more decent bathroom facility, I would gladly recommend their place.

Late in the afternoon, we checked their public market where I bought “suha” or their green pomelo, to bring back home. They sell many vegetables and ingredients for betel nut chews.

We also tried their streetfoods which are all good, like their version of bicho-bicho and various meatballs.

Then we passed their pasalubong center where I bought taro cookies.

Aside from wood carvings, they sell clothes that use locally-woven materials like the coat below.

Next time when I get back to Kiangan, I would visit the Yamashita shrine (where Gen. Yamashita surrendered), and the other waterfalls of this nice and peaceful town. 
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