Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zinio: A Digital Newsstand's Tempting Offers

I used to subscribe with Time, Readers Digest, etc., all in hard (paper) copies when I was younger with plenty of time to read them. Nowadays, I just read e-books and sometimes browse the electronic copies of newspapers abroad from my notebook or smart phone. 

Five days ago, I was contacted by Zinio, a digital newsstand with more than 5,000 magazines titles from all around the world. They offer magazines in digital format, in attractive bundles and incentive pricing, that can be read in laptops, iPad, Kindle, tablets, and smart phones. 

By reading magazines in digital form, we also spare some trees from being cut to make paper, avoid packaging and shipping to reduce our carbon footprint. Below are some of their nice, attractive offers. Just click the hyperlinks below:

I've been approached by Zinio to run a giveaway promo on my blog readers, no purchase necessary. They are offering 10 free magazine subscriptions, and I'm keeping one of them (it's gonna be hard to decide with so many choices) so I still have 9 free subscriptions to give away. Just leave a comment below with the following:

Your first and last names
Your email address
Magazine title you want for free subscription (only one)

First 9 blog readers who post the above info, will automatically get a free digital magazine subscription. I will just send their comments' info to Zinio, who will contact the 9 winners on how to access the free magazine subscription.

Post your comment now! :)

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  1. Len Hipolito
    Good Housekeeping

  2. Martin San Diego

  3. Wendell Patambang

  4. Analiza Mendegorin
    Star Studio

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    Yes! Philippines

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    Cosmopolitan Philippines

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    Digital Camera World

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    Cosmopolitan Philippines

  11. Thanks for posting your comments with your info and chosen magazine. This giveaway promo is now closed. For the 9 early commenters, just wait for Zinio's email advise on how to access your digital mag subscription, perhaps in 1-2 weeks time.

    1. Thank you so much
      zinio sent me my first issue

  12. Thanks!
    I already got my first issue!