Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sports Warehouse in Binan

Three weeks ago, my eldest son asked me to buy him a new pair of shoes, to replace his tattered rubber shoes that he outgrown. Now on his teenage years, he is growing much taller, and wants a pair that he can also use for basketball games.

So the following Saturday afternoon, we took him to the Sports Warehouse which is about 15 minutes drive from our place. From Mamplasan Exit of SLEX if coming from Manila, just drive straight after the intersection, then enter the first building on the right. Sports Warehouse is sandwiched by Builder's Choice and Print Town.

The shop sells both the old and latest models of many brands, like Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, New Balance, Arena, Nautica, etc. New models has the same price like those in the malls, while there are many old models at bargain prices up to 70% off.

Runners will enjoy it here, as there are many choices of running shoes and apparels. I almost bought a pair of discounted Nike running shorts, but there was no more black color of the model and size that I wanted. Coincidentally, there was a registration booth of K3 Run in Nuvali, so I ended up registering for the March 3 run with my son. :)

There were some Nautica pants at 75% off, but either they were too small or too big on my waistline. I was surprised to see Adidas trekking shoes at the shop, and almost got tempted to buy a pair at 40% to 50% off from their regular prices.

After a lot of negotiation and compromises with my son, the teen ended up with a pair of Adidas Derrick Rose shoes below. Bought it at 30% off from original price of Php 6,500, and paid with credit card. Yes, they accept credit card at same price with cash purchases.

The staff are courteous and helpful, which helps to attract a lot of customers, some carting away with many boxes of branded shoes. They close at 6:00 pm, and there are enough parking space on the area.

Additional Info:

I passed by Royal Sporting House outlet in Festival Mall yesterday (17 March 2013). The Adidas shoes above still sells for Php 6,500 per pair, while the trekking shoes sells for Php 4,000 per pair.
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  1. Sir gud pm I just came from the forum pinoyexchange I just wanna ask something if you dont mind regarding astoria club thank you in advance. Pls mail me at


    1. Hi! I was not a client nor connected with Astoria Club. My comment on that thread is just a tip to those who want to get their money back, after paying thru credit card.

      Anyway, just send me an email for your questions to

  2. My bf just bought nike air max worth 3270 here earlier, we're so happy we thought nakamura kami. sad to say when we went to atc ganun din ang price ng same shoes na binili namen. sana bumili na lang kami atc, mejo madumi pa nga un shoes na nabili namin dto sa mamplasan.

    1. ibabad mo sa xonrox tangal dumi pati kulay at tatak edi malinis na

  3. talaga, same lang sa atc?