Thursday, January 31, 2013

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna

Early last month to celebrate the birthday of my youngest son, the whole family spent dinner at Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna. It is situated along the highway after Los Banos leading to Sta. Cruz. Its hard to miss it, as its facade has these large Egyptian(?) statues.

The place is a feast for the eyes as there are many statues, that attracts both old and young diners. Seated statues of Presidents Erap and Tita Cory are at the receiving area, as we entered the restaurant.

A giant King Kong statue is at the back, overlooking the whole facility.

President Obama and his wife Michelle are also present.

Various statues below including carabaos near the stage.

At the back of the stage is a nice and clean washroom.

Nearby are life-size statues of a security guard calling the attention of a kitchen staff taking a leak.

A bicycle with lots of water pipes and faucets.

Guests can ride a boat which goes around the complex, where tip to the boatman starts at Php 20. My kids also enjoyed riding the bikes and pull carts.

There is a Taksiyapo wall, where guests can buy and throw plates and other things (even television!), to vent out their anger and frustrations. A statue of the green Incredible Hulk watches over the area.

A group of circus performers entertain the guests that time we went there. My son said that he saw the group performed at Showtime early this month.

Aside from the floating huts, there is a main restaurant and dining areas on the second floor. 

We ordered plain bulalo, grilled tilapia, a pork dish, and their chicken dish. Prices are a bit steep, although portion sizes are good.

Their taste are just average. The chicken is on the sweet side. The dining supervisor asked for our comments about the food, and we were surprised that he brought the kitchen staff after a few minutes to hear our feedback.

Will I return to the place? I doubt it, especially when I saw rats invading our dining hut a few minutes when I was left alone in the hut. Those big rats seem to be unafraid of people, as they kept on returning after I shooed them away. 

Like what I said to their supervisor, it might be hard to avoid those rats due to their outdoor setting, but they have to get rid of those pests if they want to attract regular customers. 

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