Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short Hike to Tayak Hill in Rizal, Laguna

From Nagcarlan, we retraced our route back to the little-known town of Rizal in Laguna, before reaching San Pablo. We turned left on a small road opposite the Rizal Elementary School, for about 20-minute drive to Tayak Hill's chapel.

The road is approximately 90% cemented but narrow on some parts, so it will be hard to maneuver when two vehicles meet on such parts. It became very steep as we get near the hilltop, so its important that the vehicle is in good shape. There is wide parking space, a variety store, and new toilet facility at the jump off point. The tarpaulin poster below greets the visitors, with the photos of politicians who I assumed developed the place.

It was 5 pm when we arrived, so we hurriedly took the trail to the right, to maximize the daylight. I carried my 4-year old son for a more brisk pacing. Well, in less than 15 minutes after 2 brief stops, we arrived at Tayak Hill's summit. Below is the campsite area, which also served as the landing point of American supplies during the World War II.

There are 2 crosses on the summit, one made of wood, while the other is made of metal. There are cemented steps with engraved names of their sponsors, I guess.

At our back or southeast of our location is Mt. Cristobal, which I climbed the following weekend.

The dusk views are still great, despite the heavy clouds on the horizon. On the north side, the mountain that juts out of Jala Jala on neighboring Rizal province is Mt. Sembrano.

Turning westward, we saw the mountains of Atimla, Mabilog, Kalisungan, and Makiling. Some lakes of San Pablo are also visible.

On the southwest side is the faint silhouette of Malipunyo range, composed of Mounts Manabu, Susong Dalaga, and Malipunyo or Malarayat.

Sharing the summit is a marker of the Masons, and a mountain bike fixed on a cement block. It just shows that the place is also a biker's haven.

Before darkness enveloped the place, we started our descent. We consumed our chicharon and cold lemon iced tea, before driving back home to Binan, this time using the Calauan-Los Banos route. This is one very relaxing and short hike, even for non-outdoor persons.

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