Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuna Grill, Kabayan Nelson, & Blugre Coffee

General Santos City is also a food haven for tourists. Being the country’s tuna capital, tuna dishes are something that should not be missed. So on our first night at the city, we tried this touristy restaurant Tuna Grill along Pres. Quirino Avenue.

Judging from the picnic-style tables on their photos, it has a casual ambience, though they also have air conditioned dining areas with more formal setup.

The food choices are displayed behind the chilled glass panel on the right side of the restaurant, visible from the entrance. Diners will just have to point among the pre-cut meats and seafoods, then ask their prices which includes the cooking fee.

We chose a side of tuna jaw priced at Php 300, which I estimate to weigh about 1 kilogram. A third of it was cooked in sinigang soup, while the bigger portion was grilled. The grilled tuna jaw was nicely presented, but the taste is so-so. They performed better on the sinigang dish.

Including steamed rice and drinks, we only paid Php 360 for a dinner shared by 2 adults and a kid. Not bad, especially when comparing with Manila prices.

Turning left on Sergio Osmena Avenue at the corner of the same block, we found the Blugre Coffee Shop, which is owned by Filipino boxing icon and congressman Manny Pacquiao. Which explains why the restaurant has a life-size image of PacMan, endorsing one of his own businesses in the province.

The place has a cozy feel to it with warmer lighting than Starbucks or Seattle’s Best. Sofa and chairs feel more comfortable, friendly service staff, and with free wifi use. Prices are reasonable, but I guess the GenSan locals may find them expensive.

As recommended on food reviews, we tried their durian cheesecake, which did not disappoint. My wife ordered a mocca frapuccino, while I ordered their durian capuccino. Both were good enough, and the durian really makes a statement on the novelty coffee, which is a welcome change on my tastebuds. Total bill is about Php 350-400, a splurge on our first tour day in GenSan.

On our second night, we tried the Kabayan Nelson eatery along Ireneo Santiago Blvd. after SM Mall, where the locals dine or buy food to-go. Situated on a busy road beside other establishments, the ambience is more like carinderia but with a twist.

During dinner time, customers can choose which among the raw pre-portioned food they like, with prices displayed beside each choice. There are meats and seafoods for grilling, as well as soup and noodle dish options.

This time, we chose a tunaloin for grilling for Php 85 only, which I suspect to weigh about 400gm. It was accompanied by sinigang na hipon (shrimp in sour soup) sold at Php 120. The grilled tuna is quite flavorful, but dry due to absence of fats. With steamed rice and soda drinks, our total bill was only Php 265, a real budget winner!

By the way, for the 2 consecutive nights we passed through that corner of Tuna Grill and Blugre Coffee, we saw this sporty-looking tricycle with magwheels and sleek body. Nice!

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