Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camiguin's Water Springs & Katibawasan Falls

A visit to Camiguin is not complete unless you try their natural springs and beaches. On our first day at Camiguin, we have visited 3 natural spring pools, so we're in wet clothes after lunch until past the dinner time.

Our first water spot is at Sto. Nino Cold Spring, where the pools' flooring has sand and pebbles. The cold water is perfect for swimming after lunch, when the sun's heat is still near its peak. They have 2 swimming pools -  the deep one about 8-ft. deep, while the shallow pool is less than 3-ft. deep. 

The stones/pebbles on the pools are quite painful when stepped at, so it is recommended to wear slippers. Just be careful that your slippers don't get washed away by the water current.

Entrance fee is about Php 20-30 per person, and salva vidas (tire interior as inflatable) can be rented from Php 10-30 each. We did not bothered to rent a cottage since we stayed there for less than an hour. A lot of visitors are in this area, having picnics. There are many stores outside selling food and souvenirs as well.

Next water resort we visited is the Soda Swimming Pool. Its less crowded, with warmer water, soft water current, but with feet-friendly pool flooring. There are less fishes swimming here than in the cold spring resort. I tried to taste the water, and felt a bit of carbonation and sweetness in the water. Or is it just my imagination?

Entrance fee here is similar with the cold spring resort. The kids enjoyed it here, because of the smooth pool flooring, warmer water, some shaded parts to avoid the sun's heat, and just the right depth of the kiddie pool. 

Before it got dark, we reached the Katibawasan Falls, deep in a mountainous area of Camiguin. With my estimated height of 30+ feet, its one of the most accessible waterfalls I've seen, without a punishing ascent afterwards. Again, entrance fee here is minimal at Php 20-30 per person if my memory serves me right.

This waterfall has cold water cascading to the rocks below, surrounded by trees and ferns. Water flow is not that strong compared to other falls, but its height and surrounding features make it a beauty. If it wasn't getting dark, we would have stayed there longer. 

Outside the Katibawasan entrance is a store where we bought our souvenir shirts. We were their last customer for that day.

Last destination for the day is the Ardent Hot Spring. From the photo's information below, the entrance fee is Php 30/person. At first, the warm water seems too hot for the body. But as you got used to it, you may not want to leave its comforting effect on your tired body. This time, I did not bothered to take photos of the small pools.

There are holes on the sides of the pools upstream where you can feel the source of the natural hot water, before they mix with the cold water. I guess the water on the lower pools are colder if compared with the upper pools. They have guestrooms here for those who want to stay overnight, and a restaurant where we took our dinner. After a long tiring day, this place is a perfect last destination prior to a restful sleep. 
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