Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running in Skyway for Mangrove Forest

Last 05 February 2012, I joined the 5-km category of the Condura-Skyway Marathon. With just 3-4 days of practice runs within our village, I was confident to finish the run in 40 minutes. This run is part of my 2012 targets to participate in marathons this year for social or environmental initiatives.

Below is a photo of the B-wave waiting area where I'm included.

Its seldom that you get to walk or even run on this stretch of the skyway.

Photo of the finish line, where the morning sun "blinds" my camera phone.

After I redeemed my 5K finisher medal, I checked the marathon village where the sponsors have setup booths. I was able to try various food and drink items of sponsors, and received complimentary old magazine, near-expiry vitamins, etc. Nice rewards for the runners' efforts.

There are bands who entertain the finishers, flashed on the big screen.

I was quite surprised to see a beer booth, but I realized that some athletes actually drink 1-2 bottles of beer before or after an event. I drank one cup of beer, just to experience the novelty of drinking one as early as 7:30 am.

There were almost 3,000 participants on the 5K category, and I belong to the average finishers at 44 minutes. Its worse than my 80-minute finish at the 10K category of 2011 Pasig River Run, only because I did not pushed myself on this 5K race. Next time, I will join a 10K run because the 5K category seems "bitin" or inadequate, hehe.
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