Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bulalo Point in Tagaytay

I took the family to Tagaytay last Sunday, as usual in Pink Sisters first. After hearing the pink sisters' nice singing voices, we bought fresh pinipig to be mixed with coconut milk for nice dessert at home. Then, we went to Sto. Roberto's carpark with overlooking view of Taal lake. 

The weather was uncooperative with threat of rain, so the kids are reluctant to avail of expensive horseback rides. We just enjoyed our "baon" of Doritos, Boy Bawang, Piattos, and iced lemon tea on a cooler, while people watching and admiring the view of the lake. We also sampled Manong Vendor's balut (P13/pc) and penoy (P11/pc), those boiled duck embryos on their shell featured in Fear Factor.

After much deliberation on where to go for dinner, it was agreed to try this bulalo place referred by a family friend. We were instructed to drive after the Mushroom Burger, past the road that leads to Mahogany Market, then to the native huts' restaurant  on the left side in front of Traveler's Inn.

However, since the referred place lacks signages, we missed the place by about 50 meters in front of Total gas station. Across the gas station is also a restaurant with native huts, so we decided to try it instead. Its name is Bulalo Point as their colorful poster above declares.

Parking area is a bit small, but their security guard is very helpful. They only have about 6 private nipa hut dining place for small groups, then a large dining place. The nipa huts are clean and looked like they were newly constructed. Men's washroom is quite disappointing with only 1 toilet bowl, no urinal, and manual flushing by "tabo" or water dipper. Taal lake view is blocked by a big house, except on the dining area on the western side.

Table setup and dinnerware is basic but functional, as can be expected of the place. The huts' table is too small for us group of 10 persons, but we managed. The service staff allowed us to bring some of our excess lemon iced teas from our cooler, which is nice. Below is our table at the "calm before the storm", hehe.

The bulalo that were served to us has large serving portion, but it has no bone marrow portion that can be expected from the popular dish. Their grilled pork belly was cooked medium rare, and seemed to have been flavored with vinegar. The grilled squid was a bit overcooked, while the kare-kare (ox tail in peanut stew) is a winner.

Service is better than the restaurants we tried with the same category. They have a 4-guitar band who can play not only Filipino country songs, but also Guns n Roses, and current pop hits also. My youngest son's requests of Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars' hit songs were played well. Even "Bahay Kubo" was interpreted with a twist, to the tune of the Temptations' My Girl. All the guests seem to have enjoyed the band's renditions.

Food prices are reasonable with bulalo at P300 per serving, kare-kare at P190, grilled squid and pork belly at P180 each. Steamed rice is P20 per cup, while fried or binagoongan rice is at P25 per cup. We ordered a 1.5Lt Coke at P80 per bottle, while a bottle of San Mig Light costs P50. Total bill for 5 adults and 5 kids came out at P 1,200 only, and we have to bring home some excess bulalo as we are all stuffed!

Despite some physical inadequacies and a few complaints on food, I would not hesitate to come back to this place and refer it to our friends. This unassuming, no-frills restaurant offers more value for money than Green Ats and Mahogany Market carinderias for a frugal customer like me.

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  1. really like to back there too..

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