Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auto Salon 2010 at SMX

We just arrived from the Auto Salon 2010 at SMX Convention Center along Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City. There are many amazing displays of vehicles, as well as merchants offering their various products and services. Below are some photos I was able to capture using just a camera phone, as I forgot to bring a real digicam.

Above is the oldest car in the show, a Citroen originally built in 1925, displayed outside the exhibit center. Below is a yellow Ferrari car.

 A BMW sedan and a BMW limousine.

A classic Toyota Celica and a red convertible below.

 A Camaro and an old Land Cruiser.

A Hummer and a mean-looking offroad pick-up truck

Two classic Mini Coopers and their latest brother.

Two Volkswagen cars, the brown one a classic Beetle.

Four vintage cars in different colors and design.

A Porsche convertible, while the next one is I believe the most expensive vintage car on display.

A Ducati motorbike and a racecar.

Pimped up rides with audio video setups.

Wheels. Plus girls of course, more photos on next post here.

Last but not the least is a classic car model with amazingly wooden spokes on its rims (including the 2 spare wheels). This car with a collapsible tent on the roof has travelled to 40 countries already, and its now in the Philippines to stay for 2 months, as mentioned by Korina Sanchez on her Sunday show. This car is owned by the Zapp family, and they have produced wonderful kids on their travel from Argentina to Alaska.

Many thanks to Jojo, Juvy, and their 2 daughters for tagging us along, although its a last minute notice, hehe.
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