Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bangkok Cabbages & Condoms

On my second Bangkok assignment, I took my wife and her cousin for a dinner at tourist-famous restaurant named Cabbages and Condoms. We’ve had some difficulty finding its location in Soi 12, a few blocks or 10 min. walk from BTS station, if not for its signage on top of its nearby building.

As the restaurant’s name implies, the decors and lamps were made with condoms of all colors and sizes. There is also a signage of various sexual positions. Each guest were also given a condom as souvenir, and you could ask for more if you want to. The menu prices are a bit expensive compared to the food quality, but the ambience and knowing that part of their profit goes to charity justify the menu price.

After the lamps, see the mannequins downstairs

Then, the giant penis on the ceiling, hehe.

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  1. So those mannequins are also covered with condoms? Awesome!

  2. Yes, the mannequins are also dressed with condoms